3-A ESV1 Sampling Valve

Hygienic sampling valves for pharmaceutical & sanitary applications

The EGMO Sampling Valves are uniquely designed for process quality control, which often demands a stringent sampling process for the finished product and throughout the various production stages. Sampling plays a critical role in product verification.

Sampling directly from the process can be risky for the operator as well as for the environment (contamination, pollution). Wherever product safety is a top priority, use ESVs to ensure stringent product quality control at every processing stage while eliminating risks in the sampling procedure.

With ESV, bacteriological samples can be taken safely directly from the pipeline.

Key Advantages:

  • AISI 316L stainless-steel body and parts for maximum cleanability.
  • Electro-polish finishes for corrosion resistance & reduced risk of bacterial growth.
  • Available with SIP/CIP ports for sterilization
  • Optimal cleaning capabilities. No dead spaces in the valve body
  • One-part stem for optimum sterility
  • Valve plug covered with Teflon shaft
  • Viton O-ring for complete sealing
  • Leak detection outlet


ESV1 is used for sampling a representative quantity of a liquid in process. It is designed to ensure sterilization before and after taking a sample. ESV1 includes SIP/CIP ports for sterilization of the valve. Its failsafe design is well-suited for the pharmaceutical, biochemical, cosmetic, food and dairy industries.

  • AISI 316L stainless-steel body and parts for maximum cleanability.
  • One-part stem for optimum sterility
  • Leak detection outlet
  • Available in ½˝ – ¾˝ – 1”-1½” – (additional inlet/ outlet connections and sizes available per customer request)
  • Available with stainless-steel or plastic handle