Weksler ±0.25% accuracy test gauges Models TA14, TA16, TA24, TA26


Test Gauges are designed specifically for periodic bench testing and recalibration of production type gauges. They are also recommended for use in test cells such as on research projects, and as portable instruments for field inspectors and traveling engineers. Test gauges are not suggested for continuous duty in service installations.

Movement: Precision design, stainless steel rotary gear type. Wear-resistant, and virtually frictionless for long, accurate service.
Dial & Pointer: Mirrored dial and balanced knife-edge aluminum pointer permits reading without parallax error. Dial surface is white, with black numerals and graduations in a full 270° arc. Graduation lines are same width as the knife edge on pointer.
Dial: White enameled aluminum with black graduations and numerals 270° Arc
Dial Sizes: 41⁄2˝, 6˝
Thread Size: 1/4 male NPT; 1/2 male NPT
Connection Location: Lower (Bottom), Back (Rear)
Case: Choice of two black enameled die cast aluminum cases, solid front, safety type
Style 4: Back flanged type, bayonet ring, for surface or direct mounting. Bottom connected.
Style 6: Hinged front flush mount type, back connected.


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