Pulse Steam Trap Monitors

A smart system to alert failures

  • Detects both open and closed failures on all steam trap types
  • Uses vibration, ultrasound, and temperature to detect failures
  • Slide and lock onto pipes of all sizes
  • 7-year battery life


  • Support up to 100 monitors per gateway
  • LoRa 915 MHz – 200 meters indoors, 2 km outdoors
  • Preconfigured to LTE/3G network directly to our cloud (no WiFi required)
  • Plug and play


  • Data is continuously monitored and analyzed by a secure cloud based AI system
  • Failure alerts are detected accurately and reported autonomously
  • No additional fees for cloud hosting
  • Failure alerts emailed directly to designated maintenance personnel


  • Customized steam trap inventory management in one place
  • Use visualized data to confirm automated failure alerts
  • Review health and operating costs of steam traps in real-time

Download the Pulse Flyer


Save Fuel and Operating Expenses
Steam trap failures lead to heavy steam leaks, which often account for over 5% of a plants fuel and water treatment costs
Improve Reliability
Failures can be difficult to detect manually, even with trained staff and the right equipment
Reduce Downtime
When steam traps fail closed, water hammers and freeze events can occur, which lead to dangerous conditions and production downtime
Reduce Emissions
A more efficient steam system leads to an improved environmental footprint to meet your CO2 budget