Rotary Airlock Feeder – Heavy Duty Extra Tough (HDX)



The Meyer Heavy Duty Extra-Tough Drop-Thru rotary airlock valve is the toughest on the market.  The HDX is built to withstand high temperatures and pressure differentials up to 22 psi.  This design is what all other in the industry are compared with.  This valve includes the heaviest gauge rotor vane stock, extra thick endplates, flanges and housing walls, as well as prelubricated and permanently sealed outboard mounted over-sized bearings sure to promise low maintenance and long life.

The HDX also comes with many different adders and options.  Choose from 6 or 8 vane rotor design, square or round flange housing in cast iron, 304/316 stainless steel or Ni-hard construction and sizing options from 4×4 to 36×36.  Meyer also provides options for special rotor designs including coatings, polishing, shallow pockets and closed end as well as several housing coating options such as hard chrome, nickel, teflon and tungsten carbide to ensure that we can provide the best design for your application.