Q-Ball Flameless Venting for Oscillating Machines


Dynamic flameless explosion venting for oscillating machines such as vibrating screens

The Q-Ball S guarantees safe relief of a combustible dust explosion. Efficient cooling inside the Q-Ball S prevents the flames from escaping and minimizes the effects of the explosion pressure to an insignificant level.

The Q-Ball S, unlike conventional flameless explosion venting devices, was specifically developed and customized for oscillating and vibrating plant components with additional high dynamic requirements and KSt values up to 265 bar*m/s.

A uniquely designed substructure, coupled with a minimal power -to-weight ratio, allows the Q-Ball S to be attached directly to the oscillating system without costly extensions or conversions. The Q-Ball S ensures maximum venting efficiency so the required venting area can be reduced to a minimum.

Your Advantages

  • The only approved flameless explosion venting for oscillating and vibrating systems with high dynamic requirements.
  • Maximum venting efficiency through full body flameless venting.
  • Easy maintenance through an integrated inspection opening.
  • Integrated signaling for reliable monitoring.
  • Can be utilized indoors and outdoors.
  • Simple retrofitting of existing REMBE explosion vent panels possible.