High Performance Segmented Ball Valve with Belimo Actuator (Series V)

VSI High Performance Segmented Ball Valve

VSI’s high performance segmented ball valve can accommodate a wide range of applications. From high pressure, hot water, steam and even chilled water, the VSI V-ball valve can handle it all!

The high performance segmented ball valve, or V-ball, is available in a stainless steel body or a standard carbon steel body and able to service up to 125 PSI steam. The V-ball is available in sizes 1 through 12 inches.

Its high resolution and high capacity make it ideal for replacing older globe valve technology.

Belimo Damper Actuator

Belimo damper actuators are easily mounted with VSI’s damper linkages.

These actuators are available in 24VAC, 120V or 220V, Also available are modulating or floating service as well as spring return or non-spring return.

Belimo offers a fail-safe version of larger damper actuators. Fail-safe actuators are a cost-effective alternative to mechanical spring return.


VSI High Performance Segmented Ball Valve

  • High Performance Body
    • Dual rated for installation between both ANSI Class 150 and Class 300 flanges. Includes NPT connection for threaded installations.
  • Live Loaded Packing
    • The spring loaded Teflon V-ring type packing provides maintenance-free services.
  • Premium Finishing
    • The stainless steel ball is Nickel-Chromium plated the polished for the ultimate in corrosion resistance and extended seat life.
  • Positive Positioning
    • Shaft and segmented ball are connected by a knurled pin pressed in place and welded to ensure minimal backlash
  • Universal Actuation
    • The ISO 5211 top mount allows VSI to offer a wide range of electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, failsafe, and other actuation packages.
  • Identification
    • All high performance segmented ball valve castings feature a prominent flow direction indicator and side designation for easy installation and future inspections

Belimo Damper Actuator

  • Simple Direct Mounting
    • Simple direct mounting on the damper shaft with a universal shaft clamp, supplied with an anti-rotation device to prevent the actuator from revolving.
  • Manual Override
    • By using the hand crank, the damper can be actuated manually and engaged with the locking switch at any position. Unlocking is carried out manually or automatically by applying the operating voltage.
  • Adjustable Angle of Rotation
    • Adjustable angle of rotation with mechanical end stops.
  • High Functional Reliability
    • The actuator is overload protected, requires no limit switches and automatically stops when the end stop is reached.
  • Home Position
    • The first time the supply voltage is switched on, i.e. at the time of commissioning, the actuator carries out a synchronization. The synchronization is in the home position (0%).
  • Adaptation and Synchronization
    • An adaption can be triggered manually by pressing the “Adaption” button or with the PC-Tool. Both mechanical end stops are detected during the adaption (entire setting range). Automatic synchronization after actuating the hand crank is programmed. The synchronization is in the home position (0%).
    • The actuator then moves into the position defined by the positioning signal.
    • A range of settings can be adapted using the PC-Tool (see MFT-P documentation).