F150-F300 Flanged Ball Valve



F150-F300 Valve

Product Description:

Type:  2-Piece Split Bodied Flanged Carbon Steel – Stainless Steel Ball Valve

Model:  F150 – F300

Size Range:  ½” – 12”

Body Material:  Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel

Internal Material:  316 Stainless Steel

Seat Material:  TFM Standard (Carbon Graphite Filled Teflon, 50% Stainless/PTFE, UHMWPE, PEEK, Metal, KEL-F)

End Connections:  ANSI 150 Flanged and ANSI 300 Flanged

Pressure Class:  ANSI 150 and ANSI 300

Special Features:  ISO 5211 Mounting Pad

Locking Lever Handle Standard

Metal Seated Available

V-Port Available

Bubble-Tight Sealing to 550Deg F

Cryogenic Options Available

Custom Stem Extensions

Media Containment Device Available



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