2408i Indicator and Alarm Unit



The 2408i provides you with accurate indication and alarming of temperature and process measurements. Process interlocks, including over temperature furnace limits, are implemented using relay outputs.

Large 5 digit display providing excellent visibility
Furnace over temperature limits
Extrusion melt pressure indication and alarming
Fieldbus communications providing system integration
Second process input provide additional alarming strategies
Modular construction offering increased I/O flexibility
A universal input allows selection of nine internally stored sensor types. Linear inputs are scaled to the desired range. Other input linearizations may be downloaded at time of order or by using iTools. A fifteen point linearization can be used to provide an accurate indication of non-standard signals

Its large 5 digit display, available in red or green, provides you with clear indication of the process value. An optional second process input allows the average, difference, minimum or maximum of two values to be displayed and alarmed upon.

Up to three I/O modules from a total selection of nine, including relay, logic, analog and transmitter PSU, can be fitted providing excellent flexibility for a wide range of applications.

System integration can be achieved using either conventional analog retransmission or with digital communications. 2408i supports the Modbus protocol in both its serial and Ethernet formats as well as Devicenet and Profibus DP.

Ideal for:

Temperature & process indication
Process protection
Heat treatment – Furnace over temperature
Plastics processing – Extrusion melt pressure
Weighing platforms​


Universal input
Strain gauge input
Red or green display
Process variable retransmission
Serial Modbus™ comms
Profibus DP


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