What is a Magnet Audit?

When a customer purchases a product, they expect their product to be clean of contamination. Did you know a recall in your product can potentially cost millions of dollars in product and supply chain costs, investigation costs, legal costs, crisis management costs, and more? Having an annual magnet audit performed is important to maintain your integrity with the customer. But what is a magnet audit? Let’s find out!

What is a Magnet Audit?

From crop harvest to meat processing, there are many points of entry for metal contamination to enter your products. Even the smallest metal shaving can have devastating consequences.

A magnet audit is when a certified technician evaluates, tests, and inspects the performance of your already installed magnets. This includes a full report with information that includes the magnets’ current strength, any required cleaning or maintenance, if the magnet is in the correct location, or if it’s the correct magnet at all. We will also include information such as ways you can reduce operating costs with upgraded equipment or different preventative measures that can enhance your operation.

A recent poll found that 16% of customers would not buy that same product from a company after it had been recalled, even if the problem was resolved, and 17% would not buy any product from that manufacturer.

What does a magnet audit typically cost?

Apex charges $1,500 per day when performing a typical magnet audit. However, we will perform your first magnet audit absolutely FREE! This includes one day’s worth of testing and full report.

Does a Magnet Audit help me meet my regulatory compliance requirements?

Food manufacturing plants are subject to various regulations and standards related to food safety. These regulations often require the implementation of appropriate measures, including the use of magnetic separators to prevent metal contamination in food products. Yes, conducting annual magnet audits with Apex demonstrates compliance with these regulations and helps provide evidence of due diligence in ensuring food safety.

What information is included in the magnet audit?

When you have Apex perform your magnet audit, you receive a full written Magnet Audit Report that includes the following:

  • In-Depth magnet Location Summary with ID# and Description
  • 3 Test Results per Magnet
  • Correct Magnet Rating
  • Correct Magnet Strength Rating per Material Handling
  • Metal Collection Rating
  • Magnet Maintenance Rating
  • Assessment Summary
  • Recommended Action

What “process optimization” is included in the magnet audit?

Magnet audits provide an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of the magnetic separation process within the food manufacturing plant. By analyzing the collected data and performance metrics, plant operators can identify areas for improvement and implement process optimizations. This can lead to better metal contamination control, enhanced product quality, and increased operational efficiency.

  • Apex offers the Bunting line of magnets which gives us access to state-of-the-art magnet technology. If we believe a better alternative is available for your magnet that will save you time and money, we will let you know in the report.
  • We will analyze your process and see if there is better placement for your magnets so you can get the highest contaminant removal possible.
  • In need of the ultimate last line of defense against contaminants? Consider a Bunting Metal Detector! These Metal Detectors sense and removes the presence of ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel metals in process flow. Remote reporting and recording functions available with optional software.

How do I schedule my magnet audit?

Call our office at 763-777-9525 to schedule your magnet audit. You can also email our team at Sales@ApexSolutionsMN.com or reach out to your sales engineer. Or fill out the form below for your convenience!

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