Spring Maintenance Checklist

Save yourself headaches and emergency repair situations by doing some routine checks and balances. By being proactive, you are saving yourself time and money in the future. Follow this simple spring maintenance checklist for the start of the season.


  • Check for corrosion or leaks
  • Ensure proper water pressure in pipes
  • Check water heaters for corrosion/leaks. Reduce temperature to conserve energy.
  • Test drains for backups, restrictions, or slow flows
  • Conduct a steam trap survey to ensure your steam traps are operating properly
  • Turn on outside water, schedule sprinkler system start up
  • Test safety/shutoff valves
  • Check operation of sump pumps
WCR Heat Exchanger Cleaning


  • Replace filters
  • Check refrigerant levels for leaks. Ensure fans, coils, p-traps, and drains are unobstructed
  • Clean heat exchangers and other heating elements and examine for damage
  • Inspect cooling towers. Fill and spray nozzles and check basin for algae
  • Perform chiller seasonal startup
  • Plan ahead for upcoming deferred HVAC unit repair/replacement projects


  • Verify that terminals are tight and there is no corrosion or burnt connectors
  • Perform an infrared test on your breaker panels
  • Install motion sensor lights
  • Replace lighting with LED lights

General Maintenance

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