Rodless Cylinders with Ball-Bearing System

Extending from the original Series S cylinder family, VL1 rodless cylinders provide the most versatile range for solving the problems of automation and positioning control. These rodless cylinders feature integrated guides and technopolimer bearings.


  • Working Pressure: 44 – 145 PSI
  • Ambient Temperature: -4 – 176°F
  • Fluid: Filtered Air
  • Stroke: Up to 6m
  • Translation Speed: 0.2-2m/s
  • Locking Unit: Optional


  • Model: VL1
  • Rodless Cylinders Ø 25-50mm Integrated Guides, Ball-Bearing System
  • Operating Pressure: 44-145 psi
  • Ambient Temperature: -4-176°F
  • Fluid: Filtered Air (max. 500µm)