PTRP Series Temperature Pilots

A semi-instantaneous steam-to-water heater is a common application where the simple benefits of a self-contained, pilot-operated regulator with temperature sensing pilot may be favored over more complex and expensive control valves. The thermally sensitive bulb of the PTRP pilot contains a fluid that creates a vapor which increases or decreases in pressure as the sensing bulb – sensing the heated water – temperature increases or decreases. This vapor pressure is transmitted hydraulically to the bellows, which actuates the pilot and HD regulator to control the flow of steam into the heater. At start-up, the pilot is manually adjusted to raise the temperature set point and allow steam to flow through the pilot and valve. As the heated water nears the temperature set point, the vapor pressure in the sensing bulb increases and expands the bellows, closing the pilot and regulator to proportionally limit the steam supply.

  • Stainless steel valve and seat
  • Standard bulb & capillary is copper, which has the best heat transfer properties.
  • Standard capillary length is 8 ft. with 316 stainless steel armour- protection
  • Many Options Available – Call Apex for More Information

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I&M – Quick Install


PTRP Series Temperature Pilots are used with the HD Regulator to control temperature in various processes and systems. The PTRP uses a vapor tension system to actuate the bellows in the temperature pilot giving it a faster reaction time and better temperature sensitivity than the standard PT pilot.

They can be used on:

  • Oil Heaters
  • Ovens
  • Process Heaters
  • Vats
  • Dryers
  • Jacketed Kettles
  • Semi-Instantaneous Water Heaters