Case Study: Meat Packaging Line Problem and Solutions

There is a popular meat producer and packager located in Wisconsin that is best known for their sausage and brats. This food plant primarily provides meat for consumer use in grocery stores. It also supplies food for commercial restaurants, college and universities, healthcare, and convenient stores. This brand supplies food products throughout the entire United States and more than 45 countries.


The popular food producer was having a common issue with their packaging line. Condensate was developing on the inside of the packages of their bratwurst. In the most extreme circumstances, additional condensation in food packaging can cause harmful bacteria to grow. Additional moisture can also lower the potency of preservatives. This can cause the food to spoil faster creating more food waste. In the least extreme circumstances, this moisture creates soggy food that is not up to par with the brand’s quality assurance. Apex was called to identify and solve the problem.


After a thorough analysis of the food packaging process, Apex concluded that the issue was caused by wet steam. Condensate was forming in the pipeline and was carried to the point of packaging. The steam was then deposited on top of the bratwurst. Then, when the shrink-wrap would seal around the product, that condensate would start to collect on the inside of the shrink-wrap.

Apex’s solution was to install Watson McDaniel Drip Traps throughout the pipeline. These Drip Traps are installed at low points in pipelines and collect condensate and sediment from continuing to the end point of the pipe. Apex also installed a Tek-Trol Steam Quality Meter. This Meter can measure the moisture content within the steam and inform operators if the steam is dry enough to be safely used for food packaging.

Packaged Goods Belt Style Metal Detector Working


The addition of the Drip Traps and Steam Quality Meter created a reliable packaging system. This saved the production line employees time, peace of mind, and money from the materials used for additional packaging. These simple and inexpensive products added to the pipeline also helped protect their brand image. This brand now knows that their products will meet or exceed their customers’ standards.

Apex was able to identify the meat packaging line problem and formulate a simple solution. Do you have a problem in your plant that you don’t know how to solve? Call Apex!

We will send a team to analyze, investigate, and create a solution that will save you time and money.

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