American Block
American Block Manufacturing Company is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of oilfield and marine equipment. Based in Houston, Texas since 1979 we have been providing these industries with high quality products. Some of our products include sheaves, drilling block, rotary tables, swivels, mud pumps, fairleads, high pressure unions and pressure gauges.

Amtrol manufactures a diverse line of expansion tanks and indirect fired water heaters.  Amtrol has been producing thermal expansion tanks as well as air separators for over 50 years.  Amtrol makes several expansion tanks directly interchangeable with Bell & Gosset expansion tanks and air separators.  Call Apex with your Thermal Expansion Tank needs!

Belimo USA has developed, manufactured and distributed electric actuators for air dampers and valve technology for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems since 1975. Belimo USA offers a wide variety of control valve products for the HVAC industry.  Known for their great lead times and inexpensive prices, Belimo is the “go to” company for small control valve applications.  Apex Solutions is knowledgeable in the Belimo product line and can help you pick out the exact valve and actuator for your application.  Contact us today for your Belimo needs.

Bonomi North America is the leading provider of commercial and industrial automated and manual ball valves and butterfly valves.  Bonomi’s quality products are manufactured in Italy to the highest quality standards available.  Bonomi has a broad product offering with several specialty items designed to improve your automation process.  Bonomi has privately manufactured valves and d actuators for major brands such as Apollo, FNW, Jamesbury, etc…  With exceptional lead times and great pricing, Bonomi is the right choice for all your automated ball and butterfly valves.

Superlok valves and fittings are made to the highest possible standards.  They use only the highest grade raw materials and their tolerances are 1/1000” for each and every part.  Superlok assures a leak tight seal in all process, power and instrumentation applications.  The Superlok design is completely intermixable and interchangeable with all Swagelok and Swagelok Style Fittings. Superlok has a large warehouse in Ventura, CA where all of their fittings and valves are stocked.  If you can’t find the fitting or valve at Apex, you’ll be sure to find it at the Superlok warehouse.  We ensure extremely fast lead times, excellent service in the selection process and great pricing on all components.  Call Apex for your industrial tubing and fitting needs.

Dwyer Instruments
Dwyer Instruments is the United States leader in instrumentation equipment.  If it involves, temperature, pressure, flow, level, process control, data logging and recording, air velocity or humidity then Dwyer has you covered.  Dwyer offers a wide variety of process instrumentation components for all industrial and commercial processes.  Apex is a qualified Dwyer distributor offering excellent product knowledge and service combined with direct distributor discounts.  Let Apex select the correct Dwyer product for you!

Flo Tite
FloTite is your high performance ball valve and butterfly valve headquarters.  With their innovative designs and wide array of materials available, there is no job FloTite can’t handle.  FloTite specializes in high performance ball valves ranging up to ANSI 2500 class.  Their high temperature and high pressure capabilities put them in an elite class of valve manufacturers.  Their extremely large inventory also makes solving your problems a simple task.  Call Apex today for your high performance ball and butterfly valve needs.

FMC Technologies
FMC Technologies designs, manufactures and services technologically sophisticated systems and products such as subsea production and processing systems, surface wellhead systems, high pressure fluid control equipment, measurement solutions, and marine loading systems for the oil and gas industry.

Fortune Valve is your single source for gate, globe and check valves.  With their large inventory in Houston, TX and in Atlanta, GA they have the valve for you.  Fortune specializes in low cost brass and bronze ball valves as well as low cost cast iron and cast steel gate and globe valves.  If you’ve come to rely on Milwaukee Valves for your valving needs, consider using Fortune.  Their lead times are the same or better and their pricing is roughly 30% less than the leading competitor.  Call Apex to see if we have it in stock or have Apex get it for you!

For more than sixty years, Granzow® has been providing high quality solenoid valves and industrial products with outstanding reliability for a host of different applications. Our products are built to the highest standards to meet the expectations of our customers. We are continuously adding additional products to our offerings to cover new markets and applications. Learn more about our valves, pumps, liquid level controls, or pressure and temperature controls.

Spirotherm is the world leader in Air and Dirt elimination technology.  With their patented Spirotherm coiled helix, they can remove almost 99.999% of all air and greatly reduce the amount of dirt and particulates in your closed loop water system.  Spirotherm is not a filter.  Because of this, they can accomplish the removal of air and particulates without sacrificing high pressure drops reducing the power consumption of your pumps.  The Spirotherm Air and Dirt eliminators are a small investment with a quick payback, protecting your capital equipment such as boilers, chillers and coils.  Call Apex for help in selecting the right Spirotherm product for you.


Titan Flow Control, Inc. is proud to manufacture high quality check valves, y-strainers, basket strainers, duplex strainers, butterfly valves, pump protection products, fabricated products, and other pipeline accessories for commercial and industrial applications.

Valve Solutions Inc
Valve Solutions is a USA based valve manufacturer and integrator offering a host of valve products.  Valve Solutions offers Municipal, Commercial and Industrial Butterfly Valves, Automated Ball and Butterfly Valves, Commercial Electric Actuators from Belimo, Johnson Controls, Siemens, Honeywell and other manufacturers.  Valve Solutions also manufactures V-Ball Control valves for various steam, hot water and chilled water applications.  Valve Solutions also offers the widest array of linkage and retrofit kits.  

Valve Solutions Inc., created in 1995, provides valve and valve automation solutions to the commercial HVAC and Industrial services markets. VSI also has a complete in-house machine shop that has the ability to fabricate custom linkages for valve automation from stainless steel, powder coated mild steel or brass. Our machining capabilities can design and create custom retrofit linkage solutions for existing valves. We also have the ability to do precision machine and tooling work, prototype or production.

Valves include segmented ball control valves, manual & lined butterfly valves, power plant valves, check valves, pipeline valves, gate valves and globe valves. Actuators include electric and pneumatic.

Warren Controls
Warren Controls is a small business veteran owned Control Valve Manufacturer and boiler deareator control manufacturer.  All Warren Controls products are sourced, manufactured and machined in the United States.  They have a broad product offering of both commercial and industrial control valves rated up to ANSI 300 Class.  Warren has been making control valves since the 1950’s.  They have an incredible amount of knowledge in process control.  Let Warren and Apex rise to the challenge of your difficult process situation.

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