Apex Industrial Solutions Inc.

takes pride in offering innovative solutions for your applications. Below are some examples of solutions we provide that increase productivity and efficiency in your facility; saving you time, money and maintenance!


Replacing crucial pneumatic control valve actuators with electric fail safe control valve actuator.


Intermixable/Interchangeable fittings:  Cut your cost without compromising on quality!


Do you have air/dirt in your hot water or chilled water system?  Remove your air/dirt with Spirotherm.  Spirotherm uses patented helix technology to collapse air bubbles and remove sediment from your hot or chilled water system.  Improve your efficiency up to 25%!

Heat Exchangers

Do you have heat exchangers? Replacing them can be a pain and a big expense.  Replace your tube bundle in 48 hours with Thrush Company.  Heat Exchanger tube bundles can be fashioned for all makes and models and can be shipped within 48 hours depending on the application.

Have you gone pressure independent?  -  By eliminating the pressure drop variable on your control valves throughout your system, you’re better able to maintain accurate temperature control by only controlling the flow rate variable.  

For larger applications utilize our Monitrol Technology from Warren Controls; the smartest   pressure independent control valve available.

For your smaller applications make sure to utilize the Flow Design Automatic Balancing Valve.  No longer do you need to pay a contractor to balance your system, only to have it fall out of balance when you make the slightest of changes. Flow Design Automatic Balancing valves automatically adjust to your systems demands.

3-Way Butterfly Valves for HVAC Heating and Cooling

Save money on actuators and get guaranteed performance when you choose a 3-Way Butterfly valve from VSI Company.  Our Master/Slave linkage set up allows you to have 2 butterfly valves working in unison to control various pipelines.  We utilize 1 pneumatic or electric actuator and the valves are guaranteed to be in the right position at all times.


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I would like to say a few words about Apex Industrial Solutions and the great results I have had with them. First is the personal attention you get and the great products they represent. We were having trouble with the humidifier enable valves in the Gonda building and Skyler has us replace the Belimo's with Bonomi's and they have worked way beyond our expectations. In the Guggenheim building we replaced the 1/3 - 2/3 control valve system on a couple of large heat exchangers with a rotary ball valve controller that works excellent. We now get a lot more precise control when in heating mode and positive shut off we switch over to cooling. I am very happy with the service and products we get from Apex and would recommend to anyone.

Dan Nelson  - Rochester Plumbing and Heating - Superintendent Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN


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