How to Generate Power from Wasted Energy

Microsteam Turbine
Microsteam Turbine

Are you sitting on a source of wasted energy? Is your steam system not operating at its highest potential energy efficiency? Do you need a way to add a boost to your steam system? Apex has partnered with NLine Energy to provide you with the opportunity to generate power from wasted energy in your steam system. Continue reading to learn more!

NLine Energy is a clean energy manufacturer and development company that was founded in 2010. Its specialties include renewable, clean power, and energy recovery, with a strong focus on saving your company money and helping you reach your energy efficiency goals. They currently focus on Thermal Power and Hydro Power. In fact, NLine Energy is the United States’ premier small Hydropower Developer.They were even chosen by the Association of California Water Agencies as their preferred provider of hydropower for 450 water agencies! However, in this article we are going to cover the Thermal Power side more extensively.

The NLine Energy Microsteam Turbine (MST) is a compact energy recovery system. Pressure and flow energy that was previously wasted in your steam system’s pressure reducing valve (PRV) is generated into electricity with the Microsteam Turbinne. The untapped potential energy of your steam is passed through the MST to produce electricity by delivering pressure and flow to the downstream process.


Your steam installation will experience a pressure drop of 200-125 PSIG at a steam flow of 20,000 lbs/hr if it i upgraded with the Microsteam Turbine.

Key Deliveries of this Result in:

  • 2.3mm kWh Generated/Year
  • 1,797 Tons of CO2 Avoided/Year

This Saved CO2 Consumption is Equivalent to:

  • 183,441 Gallons of Gasoline Consumed
  • 296 Homes’ Electricity Use for One Year
  • 198,273,828 Number of Smartphones Charged

Every turbine is engineered specifically for the customer’s application. You know that your system will work for you. Furthermore, the NLine Energy technicians follow your turbine to ensure it operates efficiently over its lifetime. Other benefits include:

  • Compact design that is specifically for fitting through a standard doorway
  • 20+ year lifetime expectancy with minimal maintenance
  • Ability to tolerate poor-quality steam
  • Operates fully unattended
  • Plug-and-play engineering. Pre-wired and factory-tested
  • 85 dBA when acoustically untreated
  • And More! View full technical specifications here

Apex and NLine Energy can identify your energy savings opportunities and provide proven, trackable results. Interested in learning more?

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