3 Reasons you Need Industrial Vacuums

Sweeping or blowing of fugitive dust during housekeeping is widely discouraged by OSHA and the NFPA for nearly all industries. Seemingly benign, dust creates an assortment of hazards. The use of vacuums to remove dust is almost always recommended as a preferred method of removing fugitive dust. Rather than redistributing dust, Industrial Vacuum Cleaners remove dusts. Here are 3 more reasons you need industrial vacuums in your facility.


Industrial Vacuums offered by Vac-U-Max are not the same as the shop-vac you find in your garage. These air-powered industrial vacuums not only meet NFPA 77 requirements for grounding and bonding, but also offer 5x the power of a typical shop vacuum. They also meet the definition of an “intrinsically safe system” making them safe and effective when removing fugitive dust.

Dust Explosions

The accumulation of combustible dust is one of the most cited violations by OSHA. The use of industrial vacuum cleaners in hazardous location areas, not only removes dust particles as small 1 micron, but when used regularly in housekeeping routines minimizes the amount of dust that can collect in hard-to-reach areas. Reducing the amount of dust that is suspended in the air leads to lower risk of explosion in your facility.

Respiratory, Slip, & Ergonomic Hazards

Depending on the dust in your facility, they can be slippery, heavy, and hang in the air. Fugitive dust and debris plague most industries. Vac-U-Max Industrial Vacuums feature 2 HEPA filters and chemical characteristics that combat hazardous dust to protect your employees and keep them safe.

Not only do Industrial Vacuums keep you OSHA compliant, they also keep your facility and your employees safe. Create a schedule and use your vacuums daily in areas where dust accumulates. This daily housekeeping can make a huge difference!

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